Happy Couple

The Groom


Gil was born and raised in Milan. He is the youngest member in his family and loves spending quality time with them. His keen interest in structural design led him to pursue a career in Naval architecture and Marine Engineering. He is a great cook and we’ll known for his Carbonara and Chicken Biryani

The Bride

Nirmalya Roy

Nima was born in Kerala and raised in Dubai. She is a multi-passionate individual and loves making new friends anywhere she goes. She is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer by profession, and hopes to learn how to sail one day. Her generous nature and positive outlook in life can leave anyone with a smile on their face.

Our Story

Gil and Nima met at the University of Southampton, where they studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. They were good friends at first and later realised they shared common interests and values, such as Costa coffee and carrot cake. Gil is a great cook, so Nima knew she had found the one when Gil learnt how to cook her favourite dishes: Chicken biryani and Channa masala all by himself. Gil and Nima complement each other’s personality very well. Nima is a social butterfly who can talk for hours, while Gil is a man of few words with the ability to hold a great poker face. Gil knew how much Nima likes TikTok, so he agreed to learn a TikTok dance and used the opportunity to propose to her. They are now extremely excited to start their new journey together.